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Freight Forwarding


Freight Forwarding Services in Phoenix

We provide expert transportation-only services if crating and packaging are not what is needed. We turn complex jobs into a simple phone call! For example, we’re well-versed in wood packaging restrictions for exports, advanced cargo securement methods, and security requirements for air shipments.

Our on-site services include visiting the site to obtain dimensions and contact conveyance. We can make arrangements to ship it off your preferred dock, or schedule pick up based on your timeline. We can even pick up the item/items and return them to our shop to ship off of our dock!

All freight forwarding services are different and can be complex. We adhere to specific, proven steps that fulfill almost any freight forwarding request.

We start by fully analyzing the request, asking questions such as:

  • What is the item?
  • Is it crated already?
  • Can our conveyance and couriers complete the request?
  • Does the request meet the requirements of Craters & Freighters?
  • Is it a request from a new client?
  • Are the items pre-packaged?

If the asset is crated and on a client’s dock, we’ll get the dimensions and contact conveyance from the client prior to providing them with a price.

With a flexible time frame, all parties will agree upon a scheduled pick-up time, and our team will make the arrangements accordingly.

Should you need us to pick up your items and bring them back to our location for packaging or crating, our team can also accommodate that request.

Our team can also arrange to have your items crated at your facility after completing a site inspection.

Contact us to learn more about our solutions and insurance policy when handling freight forwarding projects.

Competitive Pricing

Even if you have a regular carrier, we encourage you to give us an opportunity to quote the shipping portion of your project. You may be pleasantly surprised. We have a network of domestic and international carriers that provide reliable, on-time service.

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Freight Forwarding Services

While we can quote transportation services exclusively, we have the ability to perform the crating as well. This reduces the risk of damage during transport. And, keep in mind that our volume-based national and international rates make us very competitive with common carriers in terms of price. 

There are many ways we can make life simpler for you, including:

Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate from Craters & Freighters in Phoenix.

Provide some information on your crating, packaging, or shipping needs, and we’ll get back to you with a figure you can use to plan your project. Ask us about our cargo insurance for even more confidence throughout your shipping project.

Proudly serving all of Arizona!