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On-Site Crating


On-Site Packaging and Crating Services in Phoenix

Craters & Freighters Phoenix offers a large variety of on-site packaging and crating services. Our on-site packaging team will travel to your business or residence with the appropriate materials to design and engineer a custom crate along with the packaging for your large, fragile, awkward, and sensitive items.

We know that without essential experience and machinery, your valuables are put at risk when transported to our facility. Let our team use our years of industry insight to come to your location, so your items stay safe at all times. We use cushioning, stabilizers, and proper containerization to ensure the job is done right.

You can rest assured that the same efforts and high-quality crates are built on-site as they are in-house. Craters & Freighters is trusted worldwide by leading industrial companies, military, and government agencies, fine art collectors, medical and IT organizations, and many more. We know everything we need to do to protect your assets, and we’re ready to prove it to you.

Custom Crates at Your Doorstep

Our crating professionals offer turnkey solutions for those who need specific crates built and dropped off at your location. The process is streamlined and quick. Give us a call with the specs, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep. It’s as simple as that.

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On-site Packaging and Crating Services

Craters & Freighters is known as industry leaders due to our logistic teams, customer service, and extensive, comprehensive services. We offer our customers various solutions so we can be a one-stop shop for all your shipping needs.

Our on-site packaging and crating services are intended to ease stress by ensuring your valuables remain in our trusted hands throughout their shipping journey.

Some of our solutions include:

On-Site Custom Packaging and Wood Crating

You can trust our on-site packaging team to handle your tailored crating and packing project with professionalism and care. We are a team of skilled craftsmen who find intentional, responsible crating and shipping solutions for the most challenging assets.

Let our Craters & Freighters specialists come to your location and meticulously create a container and supports for your item. We have the resources to do it effectively and efficiently. If you’re looking for the best on-site packaging team in Phoenix, you just found us.

Some of our on-site packaging and custom crating services include:

  • Anti-static — Craters & Freighters Phoenix uses various high-quality anti-static packaging materials, including wraps, cushioning, and barriers to prevent electrostatic discharges from harming your sensitive electronics
  • Specialized cushioning — Clients from all kinds of industries rely on our expertise for cushioning and prepping their valuables to withstand the hazards and complications found in the unpredictable shipping stream
  • Hard-shell cases — These sophisticated containers provide extraordinary protection for a secure transport
  • High-quality custom wooden crates — Every crate is provided custom engineering based on the size, shape, mode of transportation, fragility, and final destination of the asset it is being built for

You get reliable tailored packing and crating from Craters & Freighters, no matter where it’s engineered.

On-site Commercial Crating

Having worked with hundreds of commercial and industrial companies in dozens of fields, our Phoenix on-site crating company will execute the precise design for your asset on-site.

We are on-site crating professionals with experience, technological support, and high-quality materials to ensure your commercial assets have a safe journey through the shipping process and arrive damage-free.

Some applications for our on-site packaging services include:

If you’re in need of on-site packaging and crating for your commercial items, give us a call today.

Your Premium On-Site Wood Crating Company

We have proudly served Phoenix for over two decades, helping industries successfully package and ship domestically and internationally. Our team is here to provide the solutions you’re looking for when it comes to your shipping needs and goals. We’re responsible and dedicated to every project and know what it takes to do the job to perfection. Our reputation as industry leaders is never compromised. Contact us to learn more.

Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate from Craters & Freighters Phoenix.

Provide some information on your crating, packaging or shipping needs and we’ll get back to you with a figure you can use in the planning of your project. Ask us about our cargo insurance for even more confidence throughout your shipping project.

Proudly serving all of Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas.